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WELCOME to our non-Italian guests!

Hello everybody! We hope you'll find all the info you're looking for. If you need something more don't hesitate: write us, we'll be happy to help you.

About us

Our Scout Group was found in 1980, it was the first scout experiment in Grado and it's the only one so far. We have about 40 members, including children, boys/girls and men/women from 11 to 50 years old.
Our group is member of the Italian scout association A.G.E.S.C.I. (Associazione Guide E Scout Cattolici Italiani - Catholic Guides and Scouts Italian Association).

About Grado, the Sunny Island

We live in a wonderful seaside village on the north-east coast of the Adriatic Sea, 100 km east from Venice and 50 km west from Trieste, the most eastern city in Italy.
Grado was found by the ancient Romans: it was the farthest part of the port of Aquileia, once big centre of the Roman Empire. After several centuries and many political changes Grado has become famous in XXIX's as "The Sunny Island". It was a renowned seaside resort of the Habsbug Empire because of his particular climate and position.
The old town centre is very interesting because of his picturesque architecture that hosts a group of monuments of great artistic value. The lagoon has more than 12,000 ha. and it's a tangle of canals among the slimes. This is a place out of time, the reign of water, wind and silence and an unique ecosystem in itself. Grado inhabitants have also preserved their unique dialect and theirs ancient traditions. We are happy to get ahead with them. If you need more info go to: www.grado.it

A few pictures

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